About MMM

About Micron Micro Mesh Technology

The Micron Micro Mesh device, incorporating Micron Micro Mesh technology provides precise drug delivery to the lung without breath co-ordination.

  • The device, incorporating Micron Micro Mesh technology provides precise drug delivery to the lung without breath co-ordination.
  • Easy to use, elegant, portable, affordable, easy dose loading reusable, light weight, low  residue, no waste, unit dose and multi dose refills
  • K-Cup coffee “Nespresso” concept for simple use and change of capsule
  • Reduced drug strength due to efficiency of the nebulization and particle size achieved ensuring that the +90% of the drug inhaled is absorbed through the pulmonary tract into the blood stream
  • Drug stability is not affected by the vibrating Micron Micro Mesh,
  • Mesh is made of palladium alloy which is durable and resistant to corrosion, with 3000 holes per 15mm diamater mesh.
  • Small Volume, no noise, no heating required, no drug decomposition, effective, reliable and durable.
  • No drug waste with visual assurance of drug delivery, no leakage, no messy refilling, no need to carry around leaking refill bottles
About MMM
  • Mean Particle size: 2.13 microns

  • Capsule Fill volume: 0.5-2ml (variable option)

  • Nebulization rate: 0.2ml/minutes minimum

  • Opaque mist

  • Battery Life: 1.5 hours of continuous nebulisation

About MMM

Bioneb Palladium Micron Micro Mesh

Bioneb Palladium Micron Micro Mesh

About MMM
About MMM

Punch Side

Aerosole side

Competitor’s Steel Mesh

About MMM
About MMM

BioNeb Limited MMM Technical Data

Particle size and deposition into the Pulmonary Tract

 3 microns → have a 70% chance of being deposited in the lungs of adult patients
2 microns → have a 90% chance of being deposited in the lungs of adult patients
1 microns → have a 100% chance of being deposited in the lungs of adult patients
Bioneb Limited MMM has a mean of 90% particle size less than 2 microns
Efficiency and speed of drug absorption is ten times greater than traditional methods.

Patented & FDA 510K Approved Medical Device Drugs already approved and in daily use:

Saline (0.9% Sodium Chloride 1ml)
Bricanyl 2ml
Combivent 2.5ml
Atrovent (0.5mg/2ml)
Ipratropium Bromide 0.02% (0.5mg/2.5ml)
Albuterol Sulfate (2.5mg/3ml)
Albuterol Sulfate‐ AccuNeb (1.25mg/3ml)
Cromolyn Sodium (20mg/2ml)
Pulmicrort Respules (0.25mg/2ml)
Acetylcysteine 10% (100mg/ml)

Advantages of MMM

Less Drugs required

Faster onset of action

Less adverse events with lowered dosing

By-pass GI metabolism

Eliminates coughing, adds to compliance

Safe drug storage, handling and use

Unit dose & multi-dose drug closed

System refills as per ISMP recommendation)

Easy to use & Elegent

Single device with flexible application

Portable & affordable

Easy dose loading

Reusable and light weight

Low drug residue, no waste

Unit dose & multi-dose refills

Operates at any angle

The images above are concept designs for different uses. Some are designed for general use for various medicinal formulations, whilst others are designed for NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), and for Medical and Recreational Marijuana extracts.

Whilst these images are conceptual design, the device itself has been manufactured and tested in other formats. The device has proven to work well with all formulations it has been tested with.

Alternative, important uses for Bioneb Micron Micro Mesh

Diabetes, global epidemic effecting 10% of the worlds population~ a US$548 billion market growing at 11% per annum.Currently no no effective , efficient pulmonary delivery device available. Bio~logics and Bio~simlars ((Exubera) formulations delivered using Bioneb Micron Micro Mesh technology are set to change the  delivery of insulin in a safe , convenient and efficient manner. 

Medical marijuana, a ever increasing and accepted  alternative medication , already a $10 billion dollar market and is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

Nicotine replacement therapy,~reduced risk product for the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry is a  US$900 billion industry , The electronic cigarette industry is a US$20 billion dollar industry growing at 30% per month  and a safer alternative but the health and safety  issues surrounding E -cigarettes are unknown. Bioneb Micron Micro Mesh technology  addresses these concerns as their bio formulations are chemical free and deliver nicotine in a safe, hygienic , reduced nicotine  concentration in a efficient manner with no visible vapor  exhaled.